RFP for Professional Consultant for Parking and Facade Improvement Studies

RFP for Professional Consultant for Parking and Facade Improvement Studies

Borough of Fanwood

Fanwood has received a grant to prepare studies on downtown parking and facade improvements focusing on the quality of the pedestrian experience and community aesthetics. The study shall include a parking inventory, crosswalks, metered parking and pedestrian and vehicular activity patterns as well as access points. The study should also include facade improvements in the rehabilitation area recommending design standards, funding mechanisms, strategies for rehabilitation and bus stop placement and enclosure.

Please submit 7 hard copies and one digital copy of your qualifications to:
Eleanor McGovern
Borough Administrator/Clerk
Borough of Fanwood
75 North Martine Avenue
Fanwood, NJ 07023
903 322 8236
[email protected]

Page limits: Absolute total - 13 pages (excluding required/allowed appendices and covers and any dividers)

Maximum value: $25,000. Funding is provided by a Smart Future Grant from NJ Department of States' Office for Planning Advocacy.

Deadline for submission: April 6th by 3:30 pm

Posted March 30, 2012

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