Managing Stormwater - New Issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal out now!

Managing Stormwater - New Issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal out now!

Planning Commissioners Journal

Included in the Winter 2009 issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal:

-- Managing Stormwater Runoff: A Green Infrastructure Approach by Lynn Richards
-- Taking Low Impact Development from Research to Regulations by John S. Rozum, AICP, and David W. Dickson
The practice of stormwater management is evolving beyond engineered approaches applied at the site level to an approach that looks at managing stormwater in more natural ways. "Green infrastructure" and "low impact development" techniques can be better for the environment and cost-effective. But before they can be implemented, changes to local land development policies and regulations may be needed.

-- The ABC's of TOD: Transit-Oriented Development by Hannah Twaddell
Transit is making a remarkable comeback. But one of the most intriguing aspects is that it is being helped along by -- and helping to stimulate -- new development close by transit stops. A look how TOD works, word-by-word.

-- Meaningful Dialogue With the Public by Elaine Cogan
By engaging in a true dialogue with the public, you may learn some useful information and actually enjoy the give-and-take.

-- Community Self-Assessment by Jim Segedy, FAICP, and Lisa Hollingsworth-Segedy, AICP
How can you ensure that your comprehensive plan makes sense as a whole, and guides decision-making to choices that create a healthy, balanced community? One important way is by engaging in a community self-assessment, a process that helps identify issues and build consensus.

-- Different Perspectives by Ric Stephens
Do you ever try to assess how you and your fellow planning board members look through the eyes of those attending your meetings? Getting feedback can yield valuable insights, and lead to changes in how your commission conducts its business.

-- Planetizen Update
Highlights from the top planning news stories reported in 2008 on Planetizen's pages.

On the PlannersWeb: You can easily locate any of the more than 275 articles published in the Planning Commissioners Journal by using our web site: Most of the articles are available to immediately download for a small fee. You'll also find a number of free resources on the PlannersWeb, including the complete text of planning historian Larry Gerckens' Planning ABCs. Also recently added: a valuable, annotated listing of key web sites for citizen planners to know about. Take a few minutes, and browse through the PlannersWeb.

In Future issues: How Phone Trees Can Increase Public Participation | Strategies for Avoiding Contentious Public Hearings | Good vs. Bad Density | Using Zoning Incentives | Planning Strategies to Promote Energy Conservation | and much more
For details on our Winter issue and subscription information: Our PlannersWeb site features a wide spectrum of informative -- and sometimes offbeat -- news and notes, as well as an outstanding archive of conversations, projects, and ideas. Take a look a where we've been and where we are going. And check us out on - we'll be happy to hear from you.

For additional information, please contact
Wayne Senville
Editor, Planning Commissioners Journal
P.O. Box 4295
Burlington, VT 05406

Posted January 30, 2009

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