Learn Long-Term Forecasts on the Future of Innovation with IEDC

Learn Long-Term Forecasts on the Future of Innovation with IEDC

International Economic Development Council

Tempe, AZ
January 25-27

As we move beyond research parks and incubators to more distributed innovation networks, what new strategies for economic success will emerge at the local level? Join IEDC in Tempe, AZ and hear Dr. Anthony Townsend, a technology forecaster and strategist with the Institute for the Future, speak about the future of innovation.

Sunday, January 25, 2009
3:45 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.

Register Today: http://www.iedconline.org/LeadershipSummit/Registration.html


This session will introduce the Institute for the Future's long-term forecasts on the future of innovation in science and technology, and explore how they will shape economic development prospects in cities and regions. The global map of science and technology innovation is changing quickly. But it's not just macroeconomics and demographics that is driving shifts in how scientific collaboration is organized globally, regionally, in cities and within buildings. More and more innovation is happening online, but other kinds of activities - education, professional meetings, hackfests - are becoming more embedded in place.

SPEAKER: Anthony Townsend, Research Director, Institute for the Future

Dr. Anthony Townsend is a technology forecaster and strategist with the Institute for the Future, an independent non-profit research group based in Palo Alto, California. Anthony leads the Institute's research on innovation systems and economic development, and is currently conducting a multi-year study on the future of science parks and incubators.

THE 2009 LEADERSHIP SUMMIT in Tempe, Arizona, offers leaders of the economic development profession a chance to join together to analyze, review and discuss the trends impacting their profession. This year's Leadership Summit includes three days of high-level networking, professional development, and insight from expert speakers. With a focus on identifying opportunities within the current economic climate, participants will learn how to nurture existing and emerging resources into competitive economic assets for the future.

View the conference program: http://www.iedconline.org/LeadershipSummit/Program.html

Expert speakers: http://www.iedconline.org/LeadershipSummit/Speakers.html

Register today: http://www.iedconline.org/LeadershipSummit/Registration.html

The Tempe Mission Palms Hotel
60 East 5th Street
Tempe, AZ 85281
Website: www.missionpalms.com

IEDC room rate: $230 single/double*
Group rate cutoff: Friday, January 2, 2009

Reservations: (480) 894-1400 or (800) 547-8705

Posted December 17, 2008

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