The Retail Incubator: Chuck D'Aprix to Address Illinois Main Street Conference

The Retail Incubator: Chuck D'Aprix to Address Illinois Main Street Conference

The Downtown Entrepreneurship Project

Retail Incubators are springing up in downtowns and commercial districts across the country. The foremost expert on retail incubation, Chuck D'Aprix, will address the topic within the context of downtown revitalization at the 2008 Illinois Main Street Conference. He has recently addressed similar state-wide groups in Ohio, Vermont, and Colorado. In addition he has consulted in numerous cities and towns throughout the United States.

Mr. D'Aprix has been a forceful and articulate advocate for entrepreneurship as a downtown revitalization tool since the early 1980's. He has run successful retail incubators and has served as a consultant on many others--including arts incubators and community kitchens.

Often called an "economic development maverick," Chuck D'Aprix has a wide-ranging background. He has directed downtown revitalization and economic development agencies, served as a senior executive for a major real estate development firm, and has started several innovative consulting ventures. He is currently writing a book on the role of entrepreneurship in revitalizing downtowns, commercial districts and neighborhoods.

Mr. D'Aprix says, " We have to face the attendant reality that is staring us in the face--national retail chains, with an exception here or there, will not locate in downtowns and urban commercial districts. It is obvious that communities need to incubate and "home grow" their own businesses. Yet we still invest millions nationally in chasing new businesses rather than creating and nurturing new businesses. Through retail incubation and entrepreneur development a community can create a unique identity...and, I might add, for a lot less than a retail recruitment effort costs. Downtowns and commercial districts today must innovate or wilt"

Mr. D'Aprix is Principal of three Washington, DC-based consulting firms: Economic Development Visions, The Downtown Entrepreneurship Project and The Retail Incubation Group. For more information:, and

Chuck D'Aprix can be reached at 202-248-9715.

Posted November 6, 2008

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