Places: Call for Submissions and new Issue, 'Re-Placing' due in June 2008.

Places: Call for Submissions and new Issue, 'Re-Placing' due in June 2008.

Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm

Submissions & Call for THREADS
Places is always interested in considering new works on topics of interest to our readers and short pieces such as "Dispatches" covering events, lectures, exhibitions or other happenings in your region, and "To Rally Discussions" pieces commenting on previous articles or themes. We are interested in work that supports upcoming themes such as "Climate Change and Place" (20.2) though theme sections comprise only half of each journal, and often involve a specific call for papers. We also accept submissions of images and illustrations. Please go to for more information on submitting articles or images or to subscribe to receive the next issue of Places, 20.1, "Re-placing" (June 2008) addressing recent predictions that, by 2020, 75 percent of all commissioned design, planning and development will involve reuse of and/or addition to existing structures, communities, and landscapes.

Call for "Threads" for Places Website

Threads are brief forays into the journal's history. Written by Places readers, contributors, editors, and directors, they draw from past articles, and create an accessible entry point into the depth of the archives. Threads include links to the original articles, so that readers can go back and explore the stories in context and find other stories in an issue that might inspire. Writers should selects four to six articles of interest to them from the Places archive on a theme or related set of themes, and develop a 250-500 word essay commenting, reflecting, re-acting to the material in the pieces. Threads run on the website for a minimum of one year. Selected writers receive a complimentary two-year subscription to the journal. Submit Threads to [email protected]. Please include your contact information.

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Places Journal
Places: Forum of Design for the Public Realm
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Posted May 22, 2008

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