Accessible Location More Important Than Building Efficiency

Accessible Location More Important Than Building Efficiency

Victoria Transport Policy Institute

This article, published in September 2006 issue of "Environmental Building News," calculates that about twice as much energy is consumed by commuters traveling to a typical office building as is used in the building for heating, cooling, lighting and other operations. This implies that efforts to create "green buildings," such as the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEEDs) standards, should pay at least as much attention to accessible location and efficient transportation management as to energy efficient building design.

Commercial and residential buildings that have accessible locations and transportation management programs tend to generate 20-40% fewer vehicle miles than if located in conventional, automobile-oriented suburban areas, with abundant and free parking. The article describes a variety of strategies for increasing transportation system efficiency.

Efficient transportation provides other significant benefits in addition to energy conservation and pollution emission reductions. It also reduces traffic congestion, road and parking facility costs, accidents, sprawl and consumer costs, plus it improves mobility options for non-drivers and increases public fitness and health.

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Posted September 27, 2007

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