Portland Planning Bureau Launches Design Competition For Family-Friendly Courtyard Housing

Portland Planning Bureau Launches Design Competition For Family-Friendly Courtyard Housing

Portland Bureau of Planning

The central focus of this design competition will be to develop innovative designs demonstrating how higher-density courtyard housing can serve as an attractive option for families with children, while also contributing to environmental sustainability, providing an affordable housing option, and respecting neighborhood character. "As Portland grows, we need to ensure that Portland remains a family-friendly city with thriving neighborhoods," said Mayor Tom Potter. "This design competition is part of that work." This competition is a program of the "Schools, Families, Housing Initiative," a multi-pronged effort of the City of Portland to retain families with children in Portland's inner neighborhoods in the face of increasingly unaffordable family housing.

The competition will be a key opportunity to explore how courtyard housing may help fill the need for new housing for families with children. "This competition will help us find more ways of providing affordable and appropriate housing options for families, bolstering our public schools," said Commissioner Erik Sten, the City's lead for the broader initiative. This competition will bring renewed attention to a housing type that was frequently built in Portland's streetcar neighborhoods during the first half of the 20th Century and is a valued part of Portland's cherished urban fabric. "This competition will be an opportunity to revive courtyard housing as a housing option that can contribute to meeting today's needs in Portland's neighborhoods," said Planning Director Gil Kelley.

The competition will result in the publication of an "ideas" catalogue of the winning designs and will be followed by strategies to facilitate built projects. Winning designers will be given awards totaling $20,000. The competition will be open to submittals through October 24, 2007. For more information, visit the competition website at www.courtyardhousing.org.

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For more information contact:

Bill Cunningham
Portland Bureau of Planning
1900 SW Fourth Ave., Suite 4100
Oregon 97201-5350

Phone: 503-823-4203
Email: [email protected]

Posted August 2, 2007

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