The true facts of the concerning SECONDLIFE money

The true facts of the concerning SECONDLIFE money

The affair which stops an account number of the LINDEN.Explore it because of, is an all black currency to result in.Everyone is to know wood's ascending currency is to cans exchange to become the United States directly round.So wood's ascending currency isn't a pure virtual currency.The huge money supply caused the black G develop and spread in the SECONDLIFE

Is the black G to how produces.Someone steals perhaps first illegal purchase a foreign credit card information there from the black guest.6 days account number can carry on 50 United Stateses round buying bargain in the SECONDLIFE, but the account number can carry on for more than 30 day 2500 the United States is round of buying trade.They bind credit card information on the account number, carrying on overdraft.Then the USD gained the overdraft to exchange L$, pass again the USD that the form that the low price space sells washes the money which is brushed out by the black card to them and can come to hand. This is the process that the SECONDLIFE black G produces. Because of SECONDLIFE special form, so let black credit card, the black money etc. washed white environment more conveniently, the wood ascended to carry on an account number to stop under the sistuation that discover suddenly, and can't obstruct.

As for the local some and virtual currency procures a website, more with super and low price big four procure this kind of illegal black G to turn a hand with doubly the benefit pour to sell to foreigner. Domestic how much is the price of black G now?Take the price of today to say, 10000 Ls=70 RMB(1usd=7.6rmb).

The LINDENX official price is about 30.This is the much captivating benefit to differ.

Have already procured a station more with 50 RMB of offers which accept a 10000 Ls Be absorbing the 纳 black money, reap staggering profits.They know perfectly well one way this is illegal of black money, also spare no effort of these illegal members of help carry on pouring to sell.The person, who still have, ascends this kind of wood the currency put on the EBAY to sell, they accept of the price is a 10000 Ls=the price 10000 Ls of 70 sellings=28.8. Brush a person of black L more to rise to sell above with 200,000 Ls thus of the advertisement put in their informations column.

This is the illegal behavior, this how many days the black G raised head again, if this continues would cause the wood ascend to do one some what?If this is a sells black G to tell me, by February have no day can sell 1,000,000 woods to ascend currency.The wood ascended to throw totally how much , how do they do?We wipe eyes in order to wait for.


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Posted April 9, 2007

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