Free FEMA HAZUS-Multihazards GIS Training Seminar Now Available

Free FEMA HAZUS-Multihazards GIS Training Seminar Now Available


The free seminar explores the risk management tools available in HAZUS-Multihazards (MH), a free ArcGIS extension developed by FEMA. HAZUS-MH for Decision Makers, presented by ESRI Virtual Campus, provides an overview of the application in the areas of mitigation, response, recovery, and planning for earthquake, flood and hurricane wind related events.
HAZUS-MH is designed to support the ongoing disaster preparedness and response needs of communities as well as meet the risk assessment requirements of programs such as the Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000. The application's variety of options are useful to a wide range of individuals and organizations, providing tools to both novice users with limited knowledge of hazard analysis as well as advanced users with expertise in the area.
Hazus-MH for Decision Makers provides an overview of HAZUS-MH capabilities for anyone involved with or interested in flood, hurricane, and earthquake hazards, including government officials, academics, planners, insurance companies, and private sector. The seminar demonstrates the application's flood, earthquake, and hurricane models and discusses the types of analysis options and output formats that can be derived from each model. Topics discussed include
• Key benefits of HAZUS-MH in disaster management and mitigation planning
• Strategies for using GIS and HAZUS-MH to support decision making for emergency managers
• How to use HAZUS-MH in emergency planning and training exercises
• Opportunities for HAZUS education, user groups, and other user integration

HAZUS-MH can also be used by regional and community planners and urban designers as they design new communities and study new developments to analyze "what if" scenarios in case a disaster occurs where new development is being proposed. A FEMA marketing study estimates that there will be nearly 20,000 HAZUS-MH users by 2008.
HAZUS-MH for Decision Makers is free and available for viewing at any time on the Virtual Campus Web site. Becoming a Virtual Campus member is free and only takes a few minutes.
This free seminar is available at

To learn more about HAZUS-MH and other tools for disaster preparedness and response, visit

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Posted February 6, 2006

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