National Charrette Institute will offer Introduction to Dynamic Planning seminar in Washington, DC this fall

National Charrette Institute will offer Introduction to Dynamic Planning seminar in Washington, DC this fall

National Charrette Institute

Learn the basics of the Dynamic Planning and Charrette process in "Introduction to Dynamic Planning: The Charrette in Context." This half-day NCI seminar will provide a complete overview of the NCI Dynamic Planning process. The Dynamic Planning process provides holistic solutions to design and public involvement obstacles encountered in most conventional planning processes. Dynamic Planning is a comprehensive project management process that begins with the project vision and ends with the plan's implementation. It includes the use of collaborative design and public involvement tools, such as charrettes, visioning, and workshops. This seminar is the first module of the NCI Charrette Planner™ Certification Program.


NCI Public Meeting Facilitator™ Certification: Portland, OR, October 25-26, 2004

Just knowing how to plan a charrette and design a great plan may not be enough to assure a successful charrette. The complete charrette manager must know how to handle the most volatile public meetings. Join us in Portland for this two-day workshop where you will learn by doing through a series of role-playing and hands-on exercises drawn from the most challenging real life situations as researched and tested by NCI.

Gain the capability to:
• Decide what type of meeting is needed for a given situation
• Choose the right decision making process
• Plan and conduct the proper preparation to assure a successful meeting
• Handle the most difficult people

NCI Charrette Planner™ Certification: Oakland, CA, November 17-19, 2004

This certification will teach you how to plan a charrette using NCI's time-tested methods. The trainings will allow you not only to learn about the NCI Dynamic Planning and charrette process, but will also give you the chance to hear from your peers about the problems they are facing and solving!

Join us in Oakland November 17-19 to gain certification by attending both the "Introduction to Dynamic Planning: The Charrette in Context" half-day seminar as well as "Continuing Dynamic Planning: Professional Tools and Techniques" 2-day intensive course. The courses may be taken separately. Viewing the NCI Charrette Start Up Kit also counts toward the first module of certification, please refer to our website for details.

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For more information contact:

Breesa Culver
National Charrette Institute
3439 NE Sandy Boulevard, #349
OR 97232
United States

Phone: 503 233-8486
Fax: 503 233-1811
Email: [email protected]

Posted October 13, 2004

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