Child Care - Dog Parks - What Planners Do - The Deep Mystery of Traffic Congestion

Child Care - Dog Parks - What Planners Do - The Deep Mystery of Traffic Congestion

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Articles in our Summer issue:

-- Child Care in Our Communities, by David Foster

Sixty percent of working families with children under age five now pay for licensed child care. A look at the importance of child care to our communities, and how cities and counties are responding. To read excerpts and order/download:

-- Planning for Dogs: Exercise vs. Restraint, by Amy Souza

Over 60 million dogs live in 38 million households nationwide. A growing number of dog owners are calling on their cities and towns to provide spaces for dogs to run. Amy Souza reports on the often controversial issue of dog park siting, and the environmental and planning concerns frequently raised.

-- Memo to Planning Commissioners; Subject: What Planners Do, by Carolyn Braun, followed by comments from planners Glynis Jordan, Lee Krohn, and Larry Frey.

A discussion of the role of the professional planner; planning commission-staff relations; what commission chairs can do; pre-meeting workshops; and new commissioner orientation.

-- The Deep Mystery of Traffic Congestion, by Hannah Twaddell

In the first of a new series of columns for the PCJ, transportation planner Hannah Twaddell provides an introduction to "transportation demand management."

-- How Effective Is Your Planning Board? by Elaine Cogan

Indicators of a planning board's effectiveness.

-- Our Cities are Home to Great Diversity, by William M. Harris, FAICP

While our cities are cultural and economic hubs, in many ways they have failed. What are we to do? asks Professor William M. Harris in this free-verse poem.

-- Building a Sense of Community, by Greg Dale, FAICP

How do we build a "sense of community"? PCJ columnist Greg Dale examines some responses in his continuing series on current planning issues.

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Posted July 27, 2004

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