Children Left Behind in NYC WTC Environmental Impact Statement

Children Left Behind in NYC WTC Environmental Impact Statement

LINA 911-HealthAlerts

On March 1, 2004, The Department of City Planning reviewed the WTC EIS. When Commissioner Irwin Cantor asked about "Schools and Libraries", Amanda Burden went on record stating "Lower Manhattan Development Corp. and NYC Department of City Planning are well aware of Schools and Libraries".

While the Officials may "be aware" that the Environmental Impact Statement fails to include Schools or Libraries they are making no move to include such Community Facilities in the WTC EIS.

For the people in the Secondary Study Area, the WTC EIS is about as realistic as the artful renderings that illustrate it: Evergreen streets are devoid of traffic and a handful of pedestrians meander. For us the best thing about WTC EIS's Neverland approach is that truck noises, bus fumes and construction dust won't be disturbing any of our children. Why? Because, the WTC EIS is Legally Blind to Schools, Libraries and Play Streets. When Schools and Libraries are not NAMED specifically in the WTC EIS, then all the "awareness" of all the officials does nothing to bind LMDC or DCP to provide for them.

LMDC can offer as a narrow definition of Community Facilities as it "sees fit." Kevin Rampe can exclude Schools and Libraries, just as Robert Moses could deliberately design the low overpasses to keep busses of poor people off Jones Beach.

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Posted March 2, 2004

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