'City Comforts, Revised Edition', Shows the Details That Make an Area Into a Place

'City Comforts, Revised Edition', Shows the Details That Make an Area Into a Place

City Comforts Inc.

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Often we don't have the time to pay attention to the myriad small details of cities that really affect the texture of our everyday lives. The simple patterns and details shown in City Comforts offer a conceptual framework for judging new construction and separating crucial factors promoting livability from trivial matters of style.

Here is a comment about the first edition of City Comforts:

"I was in the office of a prominent Vancouver landscape architect firm, responsible for some of the most important new projects in the city, and there on a desk was a copy of City Comforts. Not surprising, really. Except this copy was absolutely jammed with stickers and notes, almost doubling the thickness of that little volume. Clearly, City Comforts was a miniature encyclopedia for these urban designers.

"So my advice to potential purchasers: buy two. City Comforts is the kind of book easily worn out from overuse."

- Gordon Price, former Councilor, City of Vancouver, BC, Canada

Used copies of the first edition are selling on Amazon for $100 and more. Retail price of the Revised Edition is $21.95. And it's expanded, in color and a much better book.

For further information check out http://citycomforts.com/ or write to [email protected]

And don't miss the author's weblog at http://citycomfortsblog.typepad.com/cities/

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City Comforts Inc.
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Phone: 206 355-4442
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Email: [email protected]
Web: http://citycomforts.com/

Posted November 14, 2003

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