Proposition 51 Will Benefit Planners

Proposition 51 Will Benefit Planners

Prop 51, on the statewide ballot this November, will give planners a bigger say in how California grows.

Prop 51 would require California to set aside 30% of the state share of motor vehicle sales tax for a transportation trust fund. These funds would be targeted at highway safety, traffic congestion relief, and safe school bus projects. Prop 51 is not a tax increase and does not impact local government funds--rather, it redirects a portion of sales tax growth to infrastructure.

Prop 51 includes a guarantee that $2 million per year is targeted specifically for improved transportation planning efforts.

Aside from these dedicated planning funds, Prop 51 allocates about $910 million to new transportation and transportation-related projects. Projects would include new light rail, bus, and rail systems, road projects, and incentives for mixed-use, infill development.

Prop 51 also invests in improved bicycle and pedestrian safety.

Finally, Prop 51 would replace over 5,000 school buses in California that do not meet current federal safety and health standards, including over 1,000 school buses that are over 25 years old!

Planners know better than most residents that we face a massive infrastructure backlog in California. Prop 51 will help meet this backlog in a thoughtful, coordinated way. Over 270 groups and officials statewide have endorsed Prop 51.

Vote YES on Proposition 51!

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Posted October 28, 2002

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