Placemaking in the Czech Republic: An Insiders Tour

Placemaking in the Czech Republic: An Insiders Tour

Project for Public Spaces

Prague and the historic provinces of Bohemia and Moravia

One of the oldest and most architecturally diverse cities in Europe, Prague sits in the heart of Bohemia, just 2 hours from the famous Czech wine region of Moravia. A drive through this breathtakingly beautiful countryside, virtually untouched by war for six centuries, winds among historic towns and villages, woodlands, vineyards and mountains. With increasingly rapid development, however, the area is facing some of its most significant social, environmental and economic challenges of the post-Communist era.

Project for Public Spaces (PPS) and its Czech partner, the Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation (CEPF), invite people involved in the revitalization of towns and cities - and their friends and family - to join us on adventure in this scenic and unspoiled area. In the late summer of 2002, we will lead travellers through the region on a trip designed to showcase its past and present, and convey the complexities of its future. More than a typical tour, this is an education in placemaking that begins in the great public spaces of Prague, and continues in surrounding towns and villages.

Led by guides with an intimate knowledge of the physical and political terrain, participants will gain special access to issues affecting post-Communist communities, and learn how public participation is being used to save historic village centers from the growing pressures of Western-style development. With simultaneous translation available, participants will also have the rare opportunity to share experiences with local residents and advise on revitalization strategies with leaders. Thus, they can help bring new life to these places at a crucial juncture in their history.

Heading up the tour guides is Fred Kent, founder and president of PPS, who will work with participants on how to evaluate public spaces and "turn a place around." Fred is known internationally for his work in using common-sense ideas to improve under-utilized and troubled public spaces, and the tour draws on PPS's seven-year involvement in Czech public spaces in association with the CEPF (with support from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund). A portion of the registration fees support the CEPF's "Partnership for Public Spaces" program.

In addition to planned itineraries, participants will have leisure time for hiking, boating, beer- and wine-tasting, sketching, moonlight walks, and other activities.

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For more information contact:

Harriet Festing
Project for Public Spaces
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New York
NY 10014

Phone: 212 620 5660
Fax: 212 620 3821
Email: [email protected]

Posted May 7, 2002

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