Planning Commissioners Journal Winter Issue Now Available

Planning Commissioners Journal Winter Issue Now Available

Planning Commissioners Journal

The Winter issue of the Planning Commissioners Journal includes a series of articles designed to help citizen planners better understand some of the critical issues facing lower income residents:

-- "Providing Affordable Housing" -- An overview of ways in which state and local officials can spur the development of affordable housing.

-- "Transportation Planning & Its Relationship to Community" -- A primer on the transportation planning process, and how it can be used to meet the needs of low income neighborhoods.

-- "Understanding HUD's 'Consolidated Plan' Requirement"-- A look at the basics of the 'Consolidated Plan' -- required of most medium size and larger cities as a prerequisite to receipt of federal housing and community development funds.

-- "Why Not in Our Back Yard?" -- How communities can harmonize their housing and social service needs with the objections of neighborhood opponents.

-- "Does Smart Growth = Equitable Growth" -- A look at whether smart growth policies can be designed to meet the needs of low income residents.

All of the above articles can also be ordered and immediately downloaded online at our PlannersWeb site:

In coming issues: controlling commercial strip development; planning commissions as community leaders; dealing with the press; understanding land use mediation; and more on conflicts of interest.

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For more information contact:

Wayne Senville
Planning Commissioners Journal
P.O. Box 4295
VT 05406

Phone: 802-864-9083
Fax: 802-862-1882
Email: [email protected]

Posted February 7, 2002

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