Development Capacity Evaluation And Context Measurement Enter A New Era

Development Capacity Evaluation And Context Measurement Enter A New Era

Development Forecasting LLC

The Development Capacity Evaluation CD-ROM attached to the book Land Development Calculations can be used to forecast hundreds of development options in the time it would take to sketch one. The context measurement tool within can be used to measure existing development environments for comparison with these forecasts in an effort to improve upon the past. This common language can be of particular help to a large number of related professional groups including:

ARCHITECTS who wish to relate their client's program needs to the land area available, the open space that will be retained, the parking system anticipated, the building height required, the gross building area that results, the maximum footprint on which it is based, and the context that will be produced.

CITY PLANNERS who wish to plan for land use allocation, economic stability, and urban context on a more quantitative basis, and to express their conclusions in a design specification language capable defining and achieving their intentions.

CIVIL ENGINEERS who wish to relate the development capacity of land to the storm water runoff produced, the building population that can be accommodated, and the infrastructure support that will be required.

CONSERVATIONISTS and ENVIRONMENTALISTS who wish to explore ways of providing more shelter on less land.

ECONOMIC DEVELOPERS who wish to forecast the gross building area capacity of land, the building population that can be accommodated, the tax yield that can be produced, the tax abatement that can be considered, the construction cost that will be involved, the sales, rental, or lease rate ranges that can be considered, and the potential return on investment that is feasible.

LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS and URBAN DESIGNERS who wish to relate the public need for open space balance to the number of design options available on the land that remains, the gross building area capacity of these options, and the resulting neighborhood context that will emerge.

PLANNING COMMISSIONS, BOARDS of ZONING APPEAL, CITY COUNCILS, STATE AGENCIES, and FEDERAL DEPARTMENTS who wish to understand, evaluate, utilize, and/or regulate the development potential of the land under their stewardship.

FURTHER INFORMATION about the book including a table of contents, author notes, reviewer comments, and ordering data can be found on the web sites of and

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For more information contact:

Walter Hosack
Development Forecasting LLC
141 Franklin Street
OH 43017

Phone: 614-764-1158
Email: [email protected]

Posted January 1, 2002

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