Friday Funny: Tiny Green Space Revitalizes Detroit Neighborhood

<p>The Onion reports on the miraculous transformation of a run-down neighborhood in Detroit, thanks to the installation of a towel-sized, $150.00 plot of grass.</p>
February 15, 2008, 2pm PST | Michael Dudley
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"Notorious for its abandoned buildings, industrial warehouses, and gray, dilapidated roads, Detroit's Warrendale neighborhood was miraculously revitalized this week by the installation of a single, three-by-four-foot plot of green space."

"The green space, a rectangular patch of crabgrass located on a busy median divider, has by all accounts turned what was once a rundown community into a thriving, picturesque oasis, filled with charming shops, luxury condominiums, and, for the first time ever, hope."

"Warrendale's incredible transformation began early Monday morning when city officials laid down the yard-wide strip of sod. Two days later, dozens of boarded-up businesses were suddenly bustling with customers, and streets once littered with hypodermic needles were instead plastered with colorful murals."

"Besides giving children a safe place to play-provided they do so one at a time-the revitalizing green space has also transformed the lives of numerous Warrendale adults."

"The ideal spot for short evening strolls, relaxing upright reading, and weekend picnics that don't exceed 12 square feet in total area, the new park has completely changed how many feel about their neighborhood."

Full Story:
Published on Wednesday, February 13, 2008 in The Onion


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