Friday Funny: The 'Transcontinental Straw' and Other Urban Water Supply Strategies

<p>The satirical newspaper <em>The Onion</em> lists some dubious water conservation strategies being contemplated in American cities.</p>
January 11, 2008, 2pm PST | Michael Dudley
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"With the scarcity of drinkable water becoming a major issue on the horizon, cities across the United States are trying to find new sources of water or new ways to conserve water. Here are some of those methods:

MALIBU, CA-Purchasing a six-pack of Poland Spring's new 350 million-ounce City Jug™

TEMPE, AZ-Transcontinental straw enables residents to enjoy a refreshing sip of Lake Michigan water

HOUSTON-Residents are encouraged to aim "celebration guns" squarely at clouds"

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Published on Friday, January 11, 2008 in The Onion
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