Put Revolution Back In Rail~Volution

Steve Raney issues a challenge to the Smart Land Use movement on the eve of the Rail~Volution conference.
September 17, 2004, 7am PDT | Chris Steins | @urbaninsight
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The Smart Land Use (SLU) movement is undertaking very important work evolving the 20-acre transit village paradigm, but is ignoring massive trends that affect many more people than SLU efforts do. The movement must develop new ideas and technologies to bring SLU to more people and to make Rail~Volution relevant:

"Rail~Volution staffers are quick to dismiss any tool not already proven in service (such as cellular carpool assistance or PRT feeder/distributor transit). Unfortunately, within the current public policy context, Rail~Volution's "wait-and-see" position serves to actively oppose expansion of the SLU toolkit."

Thanks to Chris Steins

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Published on Wednesday, September 7, 2005 in Planetizen
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