Healthy Lifestyles Can Be 'Routine'

Mark Fenton adds the important distinction between exercise and routine activity to the urban design and physical activity debate, and offers helpful strategies and resources for planners and designers.
December 9, 2003, 11am PST | Connie Chung
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Mark Fenton, host of the PBS TV Series "America's Walking," argues that promoting more exercise alone is futile in the fight against expanding waistlines in the U.S. He writes: "Given that it is unlikely that Americans are ready to forego automatic garage door openers and washers and dryers, and that there is no evidence we’re inclined to increase our more structured exercise, it looks like we would do well to build more routine walking and bicycling into our daily lives." He is optimistic, however, as he reports that a growing number of planners and other professionals are shifting their practices to foster healthier, active cities. Strategies and resources are included in the article.

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Published on Tuesday, December 2, 2003 in Planners Network
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