Using Community Land Trusts To Preserve Affordability

Land trusts are being proposed in Florida to hedge gentrification.
October 31, 2003, 6am PST | Connie Chung
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In Winter Park, FL, which has long been "the target of land speculators who buy the homes of elderly residents, often at below-market prices, and build high-priced homes or businesses, squeezing out residents," officials and experts presented "the concept of a land trust, which, in essence, creates a private, nonprofit corporation to acquire and hold land in residential areas to stop so-called gentrification. The property's value, and government funds, are used as leverage to continue purchasing more affordable houses....Land trusts allow low-income home buyers to qualify for low-cost loans because they are buying just the house; the trust owns the land. Homes can be handed down to children and grandchildren over 99 years. Trusts are operated by a board of directors that includes residents, community leaders and private businesses....Homeowners who want to sell get back the money they paid in, plus 25 percent of the property's appreciation value...."

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Published on Saturday, October 25, 2003 in The Chicago Tribune


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