The Return of Fascist Architecture

Did Fascist Architecture get a bad rap? Many, who say that you can appreciate it outside of its temporal context, say yes.
October 4, 2003, 9am PDT | Connie Chung
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"With its arches and columns and monumentally stark marble buildings, Fascist architecture was meant to celebrate Rome's imperial past and present glory. Dismissed for decades as the celebration of a dictatorship, it has now come back into fashion....The debate over the value of Fascist architecture started in the 1970s, but it took critics some time before they could assess it independently of the regime behind it. 'Until the 1970s, it was simply considered a dark page in the history of Italian architecture....Today, after more than 50 years, we can look at things from a distance. Something of high-quality — even if it was born in a questionable period-- can still be interesting.'"

Thanks to Connie Chung

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Published on Wednesday, October 1, 2003 in Yahoo! Newswire
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