Customer Success Manager

Calthorpe Analytics
Berkeley, CA
United States
October 12, 2017
Professional Area: 
GIS / Technology
5-7 years
AICP Certification: 
Not required
Salary Range: 
Very competitive

As a planner or designer, do you love working with clients and helping them realize their vision for a more sustainable future? What if you could do that for hundreds of customers per year and help them become better planners by giving them access to the data, tools, analytics, and reporting they need to do their jobs more effectively?  If you want to scale the impact you make, Calthorpe Analytics would love to talk with you.

As a Customer Success Manager at Calthorpe Analytics, you will work with our customers to help them achieve their planning and design goals using UrbanFootprint, the leading platform for scenario-based planning.  You will establish yourself as a trusted advisor and help educate our customers on the features, capabilities, and benefits of UrbanFootprint.

Your role begins with partnering with our sales team prior to closing customers and continues all the way through their entire lifecycle.  You will be responsible for keeping our customers happy through a combination of setting customers up for success after they sign up, manage any product services that are part of their onboarding, provide ongoing educational outreach, respond to questions, and introducing new features.

The happiness and success of your customers will ultimately drive customers to renew and grow their subscription.

As our first customer success manager, you will establish the playbook for our onboarding and ongoing nurturing of our customers.


You will have a background as an urban planner or designer and have worked in planning firm in a project management capacity. This background is necessary to build a trust-based relationship where you can communicate as a peer with your customers. As a planner, you have successfully delivered projects and managed client expectations.


  • Keep Customers Happy - Build deep trust in your customers so that their use of UrbanFootprint expands. Understand the features in UrbanFootprint that contribute to retention and drive adoption of those features. You will be responsible for owning the Net Churn and Renewal metrics and will be expected to meet targets.
  • Help Win New Business - Engage prospects regarding our onboarding process and provide continuity as prospects transition to customers.
  • Launch New Customers - Educate customers on the UrbanFootprint platform and provide ongoing information to your customers on improvements to UrbanFootprint.
  • Solve Problems - Liaise between engineering, product management, and the customer to ensure that we are addressing product issues that customers have in a timely manner.
  • Manage the Process - Define the overall onboarding process and coordinate between sales, services, and support to align the organization's towards customer success

Preferred Qualifications

  • Self-motivated.  You have a bias towards action and have a track record of getting things done independently.
  • 5 - 10  years experience as an urban planner with a growing set of responsibilities including working directly with clients and managing projects.
  • “Planning Presence” - you are able to have deep and broad conversations on planning best practices using UrbanFootprint and can establish credibility with planners, architects, environmental analysts, developers, and public sector planners at cities and MPOs/COGs.
  • Working knowledge of common GIS platforms
  • Fundamental passion for the sustainability and resilience of cities


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