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  1. Hofman Planning Associates Congratulates its' Newest AICP Members!

    Hofman Planning Associates
  2. Fifteen Cities Receive Grants to Revitalize Local Rail Stations and Economies

    Great American Station Foundation
  3. Scenic Summit: Action for America's Communities, Countryside, and Public Lands

    Scenic America
  4. Summer 2001 Community Building Institute

    Community Development Technologies Center
  5. Urban Planning Seminars Slated for August, September in Seaside, Florida

    The Seaside Institute
  6. InfoResources West Philadelphia (InfoR) Open for Public Use

    University of Pennsylvania
  7. PLANetizen Wins Innovative Use Of Technology Award From American Planning Association, Los Angeles

    Urban Insight, Inc.
  8. Helping Rural Communities Define Their Future

    American Planning Association
  9. The Montecito Companies Unveils Plans for It's Town Center Development

    MassMedia|Vanguard Public Relations & Advertising
  10. Annual Conference Alberta Association, Canadian Institute of Planners- Banff, Alberta

    AACIP Conference Committee
  11. Energizing America's Cities: Developing Sustainable Energy Solutions

  12. Red Mountain, B.C. Master Plan Approval

    Brent Harley and Associates Inc.
  13. Update From The California Center For Regional Leadership

    California Center for Regional Leadership
  14. Call for Nominations: Projects that Benefit Women and Families

    Diana Donald Award
  15. Planning Sustainable Transportation. Inc.
  16. New Web-Based Mapping and Collaboration Tools Available
  17. Parking Lot Nation: the Coming End of Suburbia, Presented by Jim Kunstler

    U.S. EPA
  18. Inner-city Entrepreneurs Get Schooled by the Pros to Rebuild Their Communities

    USC Lusk Center for Real Estate
  19. Exhibit On The Physical Fitness Of Cities

    SLC Planning Division
  20. Partners for Livable Communities Presents: The Livable City: Revitalizing Urban Communities

    Partners for Livable Communities