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A book review of the newly released book, "Dream Cities," by Wade Graham.
6 hours ago   The New York Times
Dan Lorentz at <em>Where</em> blog takes a look at the current state of urban affairs journalism in these two posts. He looks at the role of bloggers and citizen journalists, and wonders what would happen if a city were to lose its daily newspaper.
Dec 14, 2008   Where
A lot, according to columnist Linda Robertson who makes the case for renaming the nation's most prized stadia. After all, she argues, many of them bear the name of the economy's most troubled corporations bailed out by Terry taxpayer.
Dec 13, 2008   Miami Herald
More than 5,000 road and bridge projects are "ready to go". They still need funding, but could provide nearly 2 million jobs if Congress approves infrastructure spending.
Dec 12, 2008   CNN
Figures recently released by the Census Bureau offer a glimpse at the pre-existing economic situation that led to the burst of the housing bubble.
Dec 12, 2008   The Seattle Times
"Economic troubles spread from housing to other development sectors, including retail and offices."
Dec 12, 2008   New Urban News
The Center for Media and Democracy annually hands out its 'Falsies Awards' to the most blatantly deceptive publicity campaigns. Third place for 2008 is the 'clean coal' campaign, which they say greenwashes the truth.
Dec 12, 2008   The Center For Media and Democracy
P.J. O'Rourke tours Walt Disney's 'Innoventions Dream Home', and concludes that we've descended into a deeply unimaginative period in history. The dream home is the successor to 1957's House of the Future, built entirely of plastic.
Dec 12, 2008   The Atlantic
A new and widely publicized study claims that there is no evidence that Wal-Mart has had a negative impact on the small business sector. A close inspection of the study by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance argues that the report is flawed.
Dec 11, 2008   The Hometown Advantage
James Kunstler believes that President-Elect Obama's bid to boost the economy through repairing infrastructure could be more usefully spent on rail and harbors.
Dec 11, 2008   James Kunstler's Blog
With energy and the economy both causing headaches, 2008 has been a big year for local governments recognizing and planning for peak oil. Finding a way forward in a future of constrained energy will require much of planners.
Dec 11, 2008   Post Carbon Cities Blog