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All those toys under the Christmas tree came from somewhere.
3 hours ago   The Washington Post
<p>Two years after the Kelo decision, a new House Bill, the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2007, seeks to overturn the controversial law permitting the seizure of private property for the benefit of private corporations.</p>
Jul 16, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Harris Steinberg, director of PennPraxis of the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania, offers 10 steps for good urban planning.</p>
Jul 16, 2007   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>The marketing departments of many large companies that have setup stores in the virtual world, Second Life, are finding that it's hard to compete with places developed by residents.</p>
Jul 16, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>A bill in the U.S. House of Representatives aims to build or rehabilitate 1.5 million affordable homes in the next 10 years. Housing advocates say this is the first step towards solving a growing problem.</p>
Jul 14, 2007   The Christian Science Monitor
<p>A new study demonstrates that long commutes negatively impact a community's pool of volunteers and decreases social capital.</p>
Jul 14, 2007   Philantromedia
<p>The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency will provide technical assistance to communities in six states to plan for more efficient, affordable, and environmentally sensitive growth.</p>
Jul 13, 2007   U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
<p>The move towards organic, chemical-free lawn care is sending ripples through suburban neighborhoods across the country.</p>
Jul 13, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>In the U.S. regular cyclists are usually athletic men braving dangerous traffic. To get the rest of the population riding bicycles, the U.S. should look at successful solutions implemented around the world.</p>
Jul 12, 2007   The Washington Post Writers Group
<p>Parking spaces in New York cost as much as $225,000 and could soon be going higher still, putting the cost for the prime spots above the price tag of the typical U.S. home price.</p>
Jul 12, 2007   Yahoo Finance
<p>New York City has plans to install a permanent closed-circuit camera system throughout the city. It is based on a similar system in London, which some credit with preventing terrorist acts. But the system's constitutionality is a major concern.</p>
Jul 12, 2007   The Christian Science Monitor