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The most shocking thing about the recent episode of South Park, "The City Part of Town," was that it took Cartman and company so long to poke fun at the effects of gentrification.
1 hour ago   Fusion
<p>The National Bridge Inventory completed in the wake of the I-35W collapse in Minneapolis has revealed numerous gaps in data and delayed inspections at the State level.</p>
Aug 6, 2008   MSNBC
<p>This commentary from <em>Reason</em> looks at the prospect of a national infrastructure bank and argues that much more needs to be done.</p>
Aug 6, 2008   Reason
<p>Early buyers in new housing developments are finding themselves stranded in virtual ghost towns as developers go belly up.</p>
Aug 5, 2008   Wall St. Journal
<p>Streetsblog reports that Hillary Clinton has followed the lead of Congress and introduced a version of their recent transit bill.</p>
Aug 5, 2008   Streetsblog
<p>Wendell Cox looks at commuting patterns, and finds that the old supposition that most commuters are going from suburban housing to urban jobs no longer holds water.</p>
Aug 5, 2008   newgeography
<p>Official sources show that Minnesota had been long diverting bridge repair funds to build new highways.</p>
Aug 5, 2008   Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
<p>The Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission, the MPO for the Philadelphia metropolitan region, has introduced an innovate way of making people aware of the benefits of older, established suburbs: market them.</p>
Aug 5, 2008   The Philadelphia Inquirer
<p>Neal Peirce sums up the movement across the country in cities like Houston, Denver, and Charlotte towards improved transit systems, while latecomer Atlanta wakes up to their transit deficit.</p>
Aug 4, 2008   Citiwire.net
<p>Andres Duany and other experts discuss how the convergence of high gas prices and the foreclosure crisis may reverse years of cheap gas and cheap exurban land. He's pushing mixed uses and reformed zoning in suburbia, and he's betting on Texas.</p>
Aug 4, 2008   U.S. News & World Report
<p>HUD's new report shows an astonishing decline in homelessness across the United States, but some groups are saying that they are too good to be true.</p>
Aug 4, 2008   Newsday