Greens Vs. HOAs

HOAs are mandated to protect the aesthetics of their community. That goal is clashing with many who want to install solar panels on their roofs. States are fighting back with laws prohibiting HOAs from banning panels.

Texas and Illinois have both considered laws to prohibit HOAs from having a say on solar panels, and other states have strengthened existing laws.

from USA TODAY: "...many homeowners don't even consider solar energy because they anticipate problems with their associations, said Rob McPherson, an area manager for Houston-based solar installer Standard Renewable Energy.

About 20% of McPherson's potential customers run into problems with associations, he said."

Full Story: Green practices conflict with homeowner association rules



Aesthetics a factor in solar panel siting

I think that aesthetics do need to be factored into solar applications. For example, there is a McMansion in a subdivision in this region where the homeowners placed panels on their front roof- it greatly clashes with the overall aesthetic of their traditional colonial style home and that of neighboring homes.

In these situations, people should aim to locate their panels on their back roof, on tasteful stand alone panels that blend into existing structures, or utilize more sophisticated shingle style panels.

Residential PV arrays.

I agree that aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder, and proper siting to intercept maximum w/m^2 is not.

And flat panel/roof tile - types are gaining in efficiency and cost, but not close to the $/w of traditional panels. Also, future tree growth is a factor as well.

I suggest that in the future, PV panels will be common enough as to be not noticeable, or such that they attract scrutiny similar to how you patterned your shingles.



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