Robin Hutcheson has led the transportation planning division of Salt Lake City since 2011—a period of expansion for multi-modal transportation improvements all over the city.
Mar 26, 2014   The Atlantic Cities
<p>Officials in Nevada have made plans to pump water in from a remote and untouched location near the state's border with Utah. Ranchers and environmentalists in Utah are not too happy about it.</p>
Nov 1, 2006   Salt Lake City Weekly
The Mormon Church has unveiled major plans for urban renewal in Salt Lake City, recently presenting its vision for a walkable and mixed-use development complete with housing, commercial uses and public space.
Oct 5, 2006   The Salt Lake Tribune
A series of articles and reports addressing growth in the Western United States, including Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Utah, Oregon, Idaho and other states.
Sep 15, 2006   New West
With the media captivated by the landmark "Global Warming Solutions Act", a sister-bill has gone mostly unnoticed, yet will have an almost immediate impact in changing California's energy portfolio by targeting the 20% of imported, coal-based energy.
Sep 15, 2006   Capitol Weekly
Three times larger than Saudi Arabia's proven reserves, the oil shale deposits in the Western United States are already being tapped, and are expected to eventually produce 10 million barrels/day in potentially an environmentally friendly manner.
Sep 9, 2006   The San Francisco Chronicle
Population growth in scenic St. George, Utah, has officials trying to sell federal land to pay for municipal projects. Other western states may follow suit.
Jun 9, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
Growth advocates applaud a bill to sell public land to finance local projects but conservationists are worried about what they consider a dangerous trend that benefits only developers.
Jun 8, 2006   The Los Angeles Times
Kennecott Utah Copper Corp., a multinational mining company, plans a new megasuburb twice the size of San Francisco, for a half-million residents. The development is planned on the largest piece of private-owned land in the U.S.
Apr 10, 2006   Environmental News Network
In the Rockies, developers and oil and natural gas companies are vying for access to the same land -- but what could be the consequences for local communities?
Mar 19, 2006   The Chicago Tribune
Salt Lake City offers free parking for fuel-efficient vehicles.
Jan 28, 2006   MSNBC