South Dakota

Propane prices in some parts of the midwest and south had tripled; governors have demanded investigations into price gouging, and shelters have opened for those unable to afford the steep prices increases, yet production increased 15% from last year.
Feb 10, 2014   The New York Times
<p>The state of South Dakota -- closed to the public since 1931 -- will be reopened to help the United States cope with its steadily rising population.</p>
Dec 8, 2006   The Onion
The foundation of a huge commercial development geared toward the massive crowds of an annual motorcycle rally has been laid on South Dakota prairie land directly adjacent to a state park and a mountaintop sacred to Native American tribes.
Jun 15, 2006   Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Design for a new town on the prairie, with theLocal view of the design process for the proposed new town of Laurent, at the intersection of I-90 and US Highway 81 near the old town of Salem, South Dakota, and a world away from your typical suburb. hearing
Mar 29, 2005   Smart Money
Plans are underway for Salem, South Dakota to be the first town designed for the deaf.
Mar 28, 2005   International Herald Tribune
Marvin Miller has grand plans to transform 600 acres of South Dakota prairie into a new "deaf utopia".
Mar 16, 2005   Star Tribune
McCook County Commission voted 4-1 to support new sign language town in South Dakota.
Jan 28, 2004   Mitchell Republic
Despite concerns, majority of McCook County residents support the idea of a new town for signers.
Jan 21, 2004   Mitchell Republic
Two developers, one who is deaf, present plans for a new town in South Dakota for sign language users. The town would follow the model of Gorham's Bluff, Alabama.
Dec 22, 2003   The Argus Leader