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Whether it was a show about nothing, or, as Eric Jaffe claims, a show about anything, Seinfeld was all about New York City. And it debuted 25 years ago, on July 5, 1989.
Yesterday   CityLab
That's the conclusion of a new report by The Long Island Index. Equal development can be achieved by building into the island's last greenfields or upwards from infill opportunities like underused parking lots.
Mar 9, 2010   Grist
Electronic next train signage has come to the New York Subway. Three experimental systems are currently being tested throughout the system, but locals say the kinks are still clearly being worked out.
Mar 8, 2010   The New York Times
<em>The Transport Politic</em> details the City of New York's plans for a citywide busway on 34th Street.
Mar 8, 2010   the transport politic
This piece from <em>Design Observer</em> takes a pointed and critical look at the work of <em>New York Times</em> architecture critic Nicolai Ouroussoff and finds much to be desired in his work.
Mar 7, 2010   Design Observer
The new park takes an old waterfront park and connects it with previously inaccessible space to create an 85-acre site stretching 1.3 miles along the waterfront.
Mar 6, 2010   Design Trust blog
A judge has banned Brookyln architect Robert M. Scarano Jr from submitting building plans to the city after many of his buildings allegedly were built taller or larger than the plans portrayed.
Mar 4, 2010   The New York Times
Civic advocates in Buffalo, bolstered by upcoming NYSDOT study and a Mayor intent on change, consider ways to remove a blighted highway that cuts through the heart of the city and an Olmsted-designed park.
Mar 4, 2010   Artvoice (Buffalo)
As the Empire Zones (EZ) program sunsets in New York State, there is an opportunity to learn from past mistakes to devise a more functioning economic development strategy. The controversial program expired in January of 2010. How should the program that follows be improved? Alison Bates has some ideas. Exclusive
Mar 4, 2010  By Alison Bates
NY's Dept. of Transportation has released pictures of a planned separated bus route on 34th St., which would be a first for the city.
Mar 2, 2010   Streetsblog
Nicola Twilley and Sarah Rich are launching a project called Foodprint NYC with the goal of creating a comprehensive vision for a food policy for New York. Urban Omnibus has this interview.
Feb 28, 2010   Urban Omnibus