New York

December 21, 2005, 7am PST
The Transit Union disputes a daily fine of $1 million for ignoring injunctions barring a strike. The strike causes traffic chaos and estimates of economic damages reach $400 million per day.
December 20, 2005, 7am PST
More than 30,000 New York City transit workers go on strike early Tuesday, shutting down nation's largest public transit system.
December 14, 2005, 11am PST
New York City officials are looking at using wireless or some other technology to get the city's roughly 8 million citizens access to affordable broadband.
December 7, 2005, 2pm PST
Four years later, there are a host of unanswered questions about the events of 9/11, including the unexplained and unprecedented architectural collapses of three office towers, and the extent of toxicity in the air of Lower Manhattan.
The Village Voice
December 7, 2005, 1pm PST
New Paltz does not want the special charms of its small town, collegiate business district chained down.
Times Herald-Record
December 1, 2005, 12pm PST
A proposed Walgreens Drugstore is the latest in a series of challenges to Syracuse's Eastwood Overlay District Guidelines.
Syracuse Post Standard
November 30, 2005, 6am PST
Grandparents and grandchildren live in Bronx housing built especially for them.
The Washington Post
November 30, 2005, 5am PST
A trendy Manhattan neighborhood rejected a groundbreaking design and gets the leftovers instead.
The Slatin Report
November 29, 2005, 8am PST
Leaders of city business districts consider several ideas for reducing city traffic.
The New York Times
November 17, 2005, 8am PST
Futuristic suggestions to improve New York City's taxi fleet.
The New York Times
November 14, 2005, 9am PST
A nine month study on congestion pricing in New York reveals how a pricing plan might work, including a $7 charge during peak hours for autos in Manhattan south of 60th Street. [Link corrected.]
The New York Times
November 9, 2005, 5am PST
New Yorker contributor Ian Frazier offers a penetrating, writerly look at the city.
The Christian Science Monitor
November 6, 2005, 5am PST
Infill lots are now hot property in New York -- and developing them has forever changed the landscape of New York.
The Architect's Newspaper
October 28, 2005, 7am PDT
The first CEO of New York's Battery Park City calls for a $3 billion selloff and a $300 million growth spurt at the historic mixed-use development.
The Slatin Report
October 26, 2005, 10am PDT
The impact of market-driven inclusionary zoning programs is expected to increase.
The New York Times
October 26, 2005, 6am PDT
An interview with architect Daniel Libeskind, master-plan designer for the new World Trade Center site.
October 21, 2005, 5am PDT
Manhattan's West Side stadium is dead, Ground Zero is in shambles. It must be time to take on Governors Island.
The Slatin Report
October 20, 2005, 12pm PDT
The mile-long elevated highway, once hailed as a remarkable achievment is now seen by some as a barrier to development of Buffalo's waterfornt.
The Buffalo News
October 19, 2005, 5am PDT
A new piece of legislation going before voters in New York would limit the amount of development in many low-density neighborhoods, and encourage planning over upzoning to encourage development.
The Gotham Gazette
October 17, 2005, 1pm PDT
New York has been remarkably successful and it remains the nation's premier metropolis. Edward L. Glaeser evaluates what accounts for New York's rise and continuing success in this academic discussion paper.
Harvard University