New York

What was hyped as one of the worst Nor'easters to hit New York City left Central Park with less than six inches of snow. However, New England and Long Island were not spared. NYC subway, buses, and rail shut down, and driving bans took effect.
21 hours ago   The New York Times
Brookhaven, New York received a 43-page Design Guideline document from their consultants. The city asked to have it all boiled down to one sheet, front and back.
Sep 10, 2010   New Urban Network
The New York Times reports that yes, construction is beginning to move more rapidly at Ground Zero.
Sep 7, 2010   The New York Times
Even as the City of Buffalo is spending millions to build new historically appropriate buildings on the waterfront, true historic buildings are allowed to be destroyed mere blocks away, says Donn Esmonde.
Sep 5, 2010   The Buffalo News
Video L.E.D. screens with images of musicians are going up throughout Lincoln Center as part of the overall look and feel of the concert hall.
Sep 2, 2010   The New York Times
Darius McCollum, 45, of New York, loves transit. He loves it so much, he has a habit of taking New York City subways and buses for a spin, and has been arrested about two dozen times for doing just that.
Sep 2, 2010   The New York Times
Kids from Walt Whitman Middle School in Brooklyn wanted to know why there were so many empty lots around their school. The Center for Urban Pedagogy worked with the kids to understand why, and created a video document from what they found.
Sep 1, 2010   Places
Governor David Paterson signed The Smart Growth Public Policy Infrastructure Policy Act on Monday, which directs the state to invest in infrastructure in dense communities rather than sprawling ones.
Sep 1, 2010   New Urban Network
A controversial new skyscraper seen as a challenge to the historical skyline dominance of the Empire State Building has been approved in New York City.
Aug 30, 2010   The Architect's Newspaper
A new study from the New York City Department of Transportation shows that streets with painted bike lanes are 40% less dangerous for pedestrians, among other findings.
Aug 30, 2010   Tri-State Transportation Campaign
A proposed tower that would be just blocks from the Empire State Building in New York City has some historians and property owners on the defensive.
Aug 27, 2010   The New York Times