New Hampshire

Compared to 2013, few states are increasing transportation spending through tax increases. Only New Hampshire and Rhode Island saw limited gas tax increases, though both were accompanied by road or bridge toll eliminations. Missouri could be next.
Jun 27, 2014   Governing
Logan Darrow Clements, an activist associated with the group Americans for Tax Reform, has proposed building at hotel on Justice David H. Souter's property to retaliate against the Kelo vs. New London ruling.
Jul 6, 2005   The Los Angeles Times
One democratic presidential candidate puts the need for affordable housing in the spotlight; cites his personal experience as motivation.
Oct 28, 2003   The Boston Globe
A Segway attempts the brutal climb up New England's highest mountain.
Sep 13, 2003   VeloNews
the Granite State is a national leader in efforts to give these residents more control of their lives by turning them into park owners.
Aug 9, 2003   National Public Radio
Roundabouts can calm down traffic.
Jul 30, 2002   Concord Monitor
Dan Burden audits the walkability of a Concord neighborhood, and offers a vision for a more livable city.
Jul 2, 2002   Concord Monitor
Trust for Public Land, a conservation organization, is planning to buy 171,000 acres of forest in New Hampshire to protect it from development.
Jul 18, 2001   The San Diego Union-Tribune
Growth is inevitable -- will the anti-sprawl movement make enemies of us all?
Jul 2, 2001   Portsmouth Herald
America's universities are the most wired places in the nation. Why are they looking to 19th century architecture for guidance?
Jun 25, 2001   The Industry Standard
Donella Meadows,the world-renowed environmentalist will be remembered for her seminal work 'The Limits to Growth' and her contributions to environmentalism.
Feb 23, 2001   The Boston Globe