In Somerville, Massachusetts, Audi is working in partnership with the city and the Federal Realty Investment Trust, a developer, to build the infrastructure to test two new technologies, Car-to-X technologies and automated parking.
2 days ago   Cities of the Future
<p>Pressure is building to come to a decision about whether or not to toll roads in Massachusetts. But many politicians are opposed.</p>
Oct 9, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Enclosed malls are out of vogue, but new mall-condo hybrids are gaining popularity, and bringing what was once an exclusively "downtown" character out to the 'burbs.</p>
Oct 2, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Despite a recent wave of crime, the Boston Common continues to bring people together from all walks of life.</p>
Oct 1, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>The construction of a new office tower on Russia Wharf exemplifies an improving commercial real estate market in Boston.</p>
Sep 30, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Residents and planners are just about fed up with McMansions in the Bsoton suburb of Wellesley, and they are looking to impose strict regulations on housing size and give a residential board oversight on proposed houses.</p>
Sep 27, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Harvard’s voluntary agreement is the first in the nation to legally bind a developer to reducing greenhouse gases beyond the current standards.</p>
Sep 21, 2007   Harvard University Gazette
<p>Boston Mayor Thomas Menino has announced a series of improvements to the city's bike network, angling it to become one of the nation's most bike-friendly cities.</p>
Sep 21, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Along the Massachusetts Turnpike, WGBH's new digital mural is raising concerns over safety and visual blight.</p>
Sep 19, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Planned construction on Storrow Drive yields a lose-lose situation for Boston's Back Bay neighborhood residents.</p>
Sep 16, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Urbanization is threatening and consuming forests in New England more rapidly than in any other place in the nation.</p>
Sep 7, 2007   The Christian Science Monitor