While there may never be a good time to increase the federal gas tax, the same is not true when it comes to state gas taxes—perhaps because governors can't transfer billions of dollars from general funds to pay for roads. Lower gas prices helps.
Dec 12, 2014   NPR
<p>A new report highlights the struggles of historic mill cities in Massachusetts as they lose thousands of jobs and strain to attract high-tech industries.</p>
Feb 27, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Approving high density, smart growth developments has brought urbanity and monetary benefits to the town of Easton, Massachusetts.</p>
Feb 23, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>The lengthy list of candidates for the top job at the Boston Redevelopment Agency includes architect and Harvard professor Alex Krieger.</p>
Feb 8, 2007   Boston Herald
<p>A new building in Boston's historic rowhouse laden south end neighborhood looks ahead without disrespecting its traditional context.</p>
Feb 4, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Mayor Tom Menino's proposal to move Boston City Hall to the south waterfront ignores the importance of the building's location, and the recent developments in downtown.</p>
Jan 23, 2007   The Hartford Courant
<p>This article from <em>The Phoenix</em> looks at Boston's reputation for being a walkable city, why that reputation is fading, and who is helping to bring it back.</p>
Jan 22, 2007   The Phoenix
<p>There are many things to like about Boston, but this article lists of 27 things to not like about it, including inconvenient bus routes, short subway operating hours, and a lack of street signs.</p>
Jan 22, 2007   The Phoenix
<p>Controversy over the lack of female faculty at Harvard's Graduate School of Design has erupted after a adjunct professor of landscape architecture submitted her resignation in protest of the school's gender imbalance.</p>
Jan 19, 2007   Inside Higher Ed
<p>In a third and perhaps final attempt, developer John Rosenthal submitted plans to locate 668 housing units, 57,000 square feet of retail, 1,200 parking spaces, and a redeveloped transit station in Boston's Kenmore Square neighborhood.</p>
Jan 11, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Commuter rail is an outdated model of transportation, and does little to reduce car use or promote transit-oriented development.</p>
Jan 3, 2007   The Boston Globe