October 23, 2002, 7am PDT
As Seattle embarkes on construction of its Alaskan Way Viaduct, the city can learn from the mistakes of Boston's Big Dig.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer
October 22, 2002, 11am PDT
Like all experiments, some elements of the architectural vision work, and others don't. But this new MIT dorm clearly makes a statement.
The Boston Globe
October 15, 2002, 12pm PDT
The massive "Big Dig" project in Boston is dependent on computers and software.
The Boston Globe
September 30, 2002, 6am PDT
Grafton, MA, changed its zoning to encourage multifamily housing close to the center of town, to contain sprawl. It didn't work.
The Boston Globe
September 29, 2002, 1pm PDT
A plan to build 170 high-tech windmills runs into surprising resistance off the coast of environmentally-friendly Massachusetts.
September 25, 2002, 9am PDT
A citizens' group in the Boston area funds a lawsuit against a city Planning Board with grant money that was given for "outreach"
The Boston Globe
September 23, 2002, 11am PDT
Regulating growth and development is becoming an increasingly important campaign issue in elections around the U.S.
The Boston Globe
September 18, 2002, 5am PDT
Anthony Flint offers a window into the world of historic preservation by contrasting the fates of two landmark buildings.
The Boston Globe
September 16, 2002, 5am PDT
Massachusetts Environmental Affairs Secretary finds itself in the untenable position of both a regulator and potential buyer for environmentally-sensitive lands.
The Boston Globe
September 10, 2002, 6am PDT
Cambridge is seeking to double the linkage fee that developers must pay to create affordable housing.
The Boston Globe
September 9, 2002, 8am PDT
A series of new luxury projects could transform gritty South Boston to an upscape neighborhood. Is this the market at work or gentrification?
The Boston Globe
September 6, 2002, 5am PDT
Who will moderate among the dumb ideas being submitted for Boston's Central Artery?
The Boston Globe
September 3, 2002, 8am PDT
Massachusetts' zoning law is outdated, encourages spawl, and discourages good planning. A group of planners and attorneys are rewriting the law.
The Boston Globe
August 29, 2002, 7am PDT
The timing of a newly released report arguing that active state leadership can strengthen a community's ability to shape its own destiny is spot on.
Northeastern University - Boston
August 27, 2002, 4am PDT
600,000 people showed up to tour Boston's new, nearly-complete, 1-1/2 mile-long Central Artery.
The Boston Globe
August 20, 2002, 6am PDT
Suburban areas without a traditional downtown seek to fill void.
The Boston Globe
August 13, 2002, 6am PDT
Massachusetts may be going down the same road as New Jersey's with its Mount Laurel doctrine, writes Jerold Kayden.
The Boston Globe
August 12, 2002, 11am PDT
The Boston Globe features a story about the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act.
The Boston Globe
August 9, 2002, 12pm PDT
Boston's City Hall Plaza -- which looks a big like a Wal-Mart parking lot -- has been the subject of numerous plans. Could this one be for real?
The Boston Globe
August 9, 2002, 6am PDT
The Christian Science Monitor calls the postmodern community dump the new heart of the suburb.
The Christian Science Monitor