The big news about GE moving to Boston is more than just a story about a large company moving from the suburbs to the big city—it's also about how far cities will go to attract new jobs, and at what cost.
6 days ago   The Boston Globe
<p>Once supported by the Mayor and Massachusetts Port Authority, plans to enhance Boston's Black Falcon cruise boat terminal are now up in the air.</p>
Apr 29, 2008   The Boston Globe
<p>Boltbus, a joint venture between Peter Pan and Greyhound, is betting high gas prices and clogged airline terminals, will make way for yet another low-cost carrier between Boston and New York City.</p>
Apr 29, 2008   The Boston Globe
<p>In Somerville, Massachusetts, a group of community residents -- many of them professional architects and planners -- have organized themselves to help the city address problems in their neighborhood.</p>
Apr 22, 2008   The Boston Globe
<p>The city's new director of bicycle programs has the tough task of making Boston more bike-friendly.</p>
Apr 7, 2008   The Boston Globe
<p>Boston's plan to blanket the city with wireless internet access has met a series of obstacles which seriously threaten the project.</p>
Apr 4, 2008   The Boston Globe
<p>Burial space has already run out on Nantucket Island, but Massachusetts law requires burial spaces for anyone dying within town limits. Now officials are scrambling to find a place for their dead to go.</p>
Mar 15, 2008   The Nantucket Independent
<p>TV network officials have issued a formal apology for its tongue-in-cheek suggested mispronunciation of the name of the Massachusetts town of Athol in a recent ad.</p>
Mar 7, 2008   Associated Press
<p>With Boston's Big Dig officially completed, many in the city are looking forward to other urban renewal efforts following in its wake. But hurdles remain.</p>
Feb 25, 2008   The New York Times
<p>Despite complaints from residents and critics, a 27-story tower to be built on the edge of Boston's high-rise Financial District and its more modest Chinatown neighborhood has passed review form the city's design commission.</p>
Feb 8, 2008   The Boston Globe
<p>This editorial form <em>The Boston Globe</em> looks at efforts to reverse sprawl in an aging mill town.</p>
Feb 7, 2008   The Boston Globe