While there may never be a good time to increase the federal gas tax, the same is not true when it comes to state gas taxes—perhaps because governors can't transfer billions of dollars from general funds to pay for roads. Lower gas prices helps.
Dec 12, 2014   NPR
<p>Commuters in Boston are the most likely city dwellers to walk to work, but are second-to-last among commuters in 50 American cities to carpool, according to Census data.</p>
Jun 20, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Revised zoning laws in the town of Amesbury, Massachusetts, look to finally get some development on long-ignored land by making it easier for developers to gain approval from planners.</p>
Jun 4, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>A new development in Hyde Park aims to revitalize its business district by attracting artists who are being priced out of Boston's formerly affordable neighborhoods.</p>
May 31, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>A new report from a metropolitan planning organization in Boston has outlined the severe land shortages that will face the growing area between now and 2030, and proposes a smart growth plan to preserve open space by growing densely.</p>
May 22, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>In an effort to help Boston bikers ride safely, an online "wiki" has been unveiled that uses mapping software to identify the safest and most dangerous routes in the city.</p>
May 21, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>The Boston suburb of Boxford is on the verge of approving a measure that would allow residents to rent extra housing space at state affordable housing prices. Boxford and other suburbs are looking to reduce their low stock of affordable housing.</p>
May 20, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>A small pedestrian alleyway in Cambridge, Massachusetts, that developed slowly over more than 30 years reminds that architecture's placemaking abilities are not only seen in huge projects and iconic buildings.</p>
May 15, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick is pushing a plan to allow struggling communities to bring in more taxes from local businesses and to lower the amount of property taxes owners have to pay.</p>
May 10, 2007   The Boston Globe
<p>Despite many claiming it has been completed, Boston's Big Dig continues to put a strain on the state budget. The latest estimates have the costs rising $333 million more than previously expected.</p>
May 10, 2007   The Metro West Daily News
<p>New rules have come into effect in Massachusetts that will require developers of large-scale projects to estimate and reduce their greenhouse gas production.</p>
Apr 23, 2007   The Boston Globe