A new study, "The Southern Megalopolis: Using the Past to Predict the Future of Urban Sprawl in the Southeast U.S." predicts urban sprawl and warns of its possible consequences over the next 50 years.
10 hours ago   CityLab
<p>This editorial calls on public officials in South Carolina and Georgia to work together to build a river port that will benefit them both.</p>
Jan 26, 2007   Savannah Morning News
<p>After a federal raid cost a chicken processing plant in Stillmore, Georgia, 75 percent of its mostly Hispanic 900-member work force, company officials hired locals -- mostly African-American -- to take their place. Then things got interesting.</p>
Jan 18, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>A host of multi-million dollar intown mega-developments -- all mixed-use and pedestrian-oriented -- promise to remake Atlanta into a more walkable, urban city. However, the suburbs are in "no danger of emptying."</p>
Jan 11, 2007   The Wall Street Journal
<p>In response to public demand, The Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority has adopted a resolution designating light rail as the transit of choice for the city's expansive Beltline park and transit project.</p>
Jan 10, 2007   DeKalb News
<p>With some of the nation's longest between-stop distances, MARTA will assess the feasibility of leveraging the densification of intown Atlanta to construct new stations on existing rail lines.</p>
Jan 3, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>A Reagan-era "free market approach to conservation" that would deny federal flood insurance to sensitive lands is being undermined through the political process. Congress has granted two exceptions to the law for coastal areas in Georgia and Florida.</p>
Jan 2, 2007   AP via San Francisco Chronicle
<p>The successes of mass transit and light rail in similarly car-oriented cities should be enough of an excuse for Atlanta to give it a try, according to this opinion piece from the <em>Atlanta Journal-Constitution</em>.</p>
Dec 25, 2006   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>The Georgia Department of Transportation is being criticized for eliminating hundreds of small communities from its new official map.</p>
Dec 16, 2006   CNN
<p>Though the numbers show that ridership on MARTA's rail service is up 10 percent, the increase could only be a result of new fare gates that have curbed turnstile-jumping.</p>
Dec 14, 2006   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>A report from the Transportation Research Board shows that Hispanic immigrants are largely responsible for an up-tick in carpooling in Atlanta, Georgia.</p>
Dec 6, 2006   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution