The improving economy will allow planners and city officials to expand work on the Atlanta BeltLine.
6 days ago   SaportaReport
<p>While many metro areas in the U.S. have undertaken water conservation measures, one rapidly growing metropolis is criticized for its disregard for water conservation and uncontrolled growth.</p>
Nov 5, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>The states of Georgia, Alabama, and Florida have come to an agreement that will reduce the flow of river water out of Georgia as droughts have turned the three states against each other in a battle over limited water resources.</p>
Nov 4, 2007   Reuters via Environmental News Network
<p>Droughts are causing many Georgia municipalities to tightly restrict water use, but just across the border in Alabama is a city that has plenty of water to spare.</p>
Nov 1, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Metropolitan Atlanta could feasibly survive on its own if it were to secede from the state of Georgia, writes Otis White. But as he explains, Atlanta would be much better off as part of the state than as its own, if only there were more cooperation.</p>
Oct 22, 2007   Creative Loafing
<p>Traditional public housing complexes are on the way out in Atlanta as the city looks to move all of its low-income residents to a system of renting with Section 8 housing vouchers.</p>
Oct 20, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>The results of a competitive RFP process to redevelop Georgia's historic Jekyll Island has been deemed unfair by the Jekyll Island Revitalization Group. A formal challenge to the State's decision has been issued and a lawsuit may follow.</p>
Oct 4, 2007   Daily Report
<p>County officials in Georgia have once again extended their moratorium on residential rezonings as they weigh whether changes will encourage sprawl. The latest extension will stretch the original 90-day moratorium to nearly a year.</p>
Sep 24, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>A new study shows that property values have spiked around the proposed parkway, threatening to price lower-income residents out of their homes.</p>
Sep 18, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Property taxes along Atlanta's proposed Beltline -- a 22-mile loop of park and trails ringing downtown -- are rising sharply, threatening to displace the poor that live in adjacent areas.</p>
Sep 17, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>An analysis of Census figures shows that the number of long-distance commuters -- those who spend more than 90 minutes on their average commute -- has increased.</p>
Sep 13, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution