Some would argue that introducing streetcars to auto-oriented streets is a recipe for collisions. Drivers in Atlanta are already having trouble mixing with streetcars, before the system even launches.
3 days ago   Atlanta Business Chronicle
<p>Metro Atlanta ranks highly in many "best places" lists. But there's one ranking the region is not proud of -- it has the second least healthy commute in the nation.</p>
Jul 26, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Despite doomsayers' claims that low-density Atlanta would never take to car sharing, Flexcar, the largest car sharing company in the U.S., is expanding its presence in the city.</p>
Jul 19, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>The city council is considering new rules to prevent oversized homes on small lots, but some residents in older areas of the city are worried that the new regulations will stall redevelopment.</p>
Jul 11, 2007   Atlanta Journal Constitution
<p>Having gone 25 years without a comprehensive review of all routes and operations, officials at MARTA -- metro Atlanta's transit system -- have decided that the time is finally right for an overhaul.</p>
Jul 6, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Fear of hurricanes, high housing costs, and prohibitive insurance premiums are driving coastal Florida residents north to Atlanta. Real estate agents and developers are happy, but the region is already strained by growth.</p>
Jun 26, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>Sandy Springs, Georgia, with 80,000 residents, has apparently successfully outsourced all government functions, except for police and fire services.</p>
Jun 19, 2007   The Tampa Tribune
<p>Metro Atlanta ranked as the second costliest area to live in the U.S. for working families after the region's sky-high transportation costs were considered along with housing costs.</p>
Jun 12, 2007   By Alex Pearlstein
<p>Assaults and property crimes are also up in 2006, according to recently released FBI data. City officials are hoping the increase is a one-time occurrence, and not a trend that could endanger its ongoing urban revitalization efforts.</p>
Jun 7, 2007   The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
<p>A joint venture between a prominent African-American church and a private developer is trying to breath new life into Atlanta's Auburn Avenue.</p>
Jun 5, 2007   International Herald Tribune
<p>While many smart growth advocates embrace the idea of allowing congestion to worsen to encourage the public to drive less, a recent opinion column argues the strategy can only work if good alternatives to driving exist.</p>
Jun 5, 2007   Atlanta Journal Constitution