District of Columbia

Writing for Smart Growth America, Neha Bhatt provides a s survey of innovative parking regulation and management strategies in cities around the country.
2 days ago   Smart Growth America
<p>Washington Post columnist Steven Pearlstein offers his ideas for a fleet of ferries shuttling passengers across the Potomac river.</p>
May 29, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>The government agency may halt plans for several new high-rise complexes in Arlington, Virginia, due to concerns about the danger posed to planes headed to Reagan Airport.</p>
May 21, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>With D.C. neighborhoods attracting new white upper-income residents and lower-income black families fleeing for the more affordable suburbs, the nation's capital is poised to lose its longtime status as a black-majority city.</p>
May 18, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>When luxury condo developers started buying up properties on W Street in D.C., the low-income tenants who already lived there decided to get in the game.</p>
May 9, 2007   Shelterforce Online
<p>Available land in Washington D.C. is expected to diminish sharply within the next 20 years, prompting some to suggest that increasing building heights and densities should become the new development paradigm.</p>
May 2, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty recently stated his desire to investigate the feasibility of a congestion tax, sparking immediate debate about the possible effects on the region.</p>
Apr 30, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>In an experiment to see what effect great art would have when placed out of context and in public space, acclaimed violinist Joshua Bell stood incognito in a Washington D.C. metro station, playing classical masterpieces during the morning commute.</p>
Apr 21, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>With space at a premium on the National Mall, designers are rethinking the design of the capital's symbolic core.</p>
Apr 13, 2007   AP via Bradenton Herald
<p>Surrounded by major government centers and large new public works projects, Old Town Alexandria, Virginia, is preparing to reveal a plan to redevelop its waterfront -- a revival effort many residents are wary of.</p>
Apr 11, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>With her new role as the head of the Office of Planning, Harriet Tregoning, a pioneer of the smart growth movement, is set on molding Washington D.C. into a more livable city.</p>
Mar 24, 2007   Washington Business Journal