District of Columbia

In the wealthy community of Spring Valley, just inside the western boundaries of the District of Columbia, residents are opposing a proposed development by claiming the site—a parking lot—is a historic landmark.
3 days ago   Washington City Paper
A Washington, D.C. church contends that its current facility, a historic Brutalist buildling, interferes with its theology and should be able to replace it with something more "welcoming" and fitting with "the scale of the community."
Jan 14, 2009   The Christian Science Monitor
The District of Columbia may be expecting the largest gathering of people in America's history for President Obama's inauguration, but many residents will also be leaving town.
Jan 12, 2009   The Globe and Mail
Plans to expand rail transit to link Washington D.C with Dulles International Airport have received federal backing and can now head to Congress for funding approval.
Jan 9, 2009   The Washington Post
The city of Washington D.C. is trying to get ready for the Presidential Inauguration -- likely to be the largest gathering of people in U.S. history.
Jan 6, 2009   Governing
This piece from <em>The Washington Post</em> looks at a formerly thriving streetcar neighborhood that has become a thriving Metro neighborhood -- despite decades of decline in between.
Jan 6, 2009   The Washington Post
Planners in Washington D.C. are bracing for the arrival of millions of visitors for President Obama's inauguration -- which they expect will overwhelm the parking supply and the public transit system.
Dec 16, 2008   Salon.com
A local leader in the suburban Maryland/Washington DC area proposes aggressive use of "rapid buses" in dedicated lanes to accommodate growth, like other jurisdictions in the U.S.
Dec 14, 2008   Washington Post
Federal officials have reversed their earlier decision and are now pushing for the extension of Washington D.C.-area metro rail to Dulles International Airport -- a plan that's been in the works for nearly 40 years.
Dec 6, 2008   The Washington Post
Beyond the columns and the Capitol, Washington D.C. contains a wide variety of architectural gems and underappreciated neighborhoods, according to this Q&A about the city from <em>Dwell</em>.
Nov 22, 2008   Dwell
A major financier of Washington D.C.'s Metro system has agreed to give the transit system an extra 10 days to collect more than $40 million from the troubled system, complying with a judge's ruling that forcing Metro to pay could cause great harm.
Nov 2, 2008   The Washington Post