District of Columbia

With the Millennial boom in many urban centers, many cities are looking for ways to retain young families rather than losing them to the traditional suburban exodus. One columnist dares to ask: Do cities even need kids?
18 hours ago   The Washington Post
<p>Washington D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty has announced a broad plan to build affordable housing for the city's poor and low-income, as well as to impose measures that make it more difficult to convert buildings to luxury condos.</p>
Nov 14, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>Residents are overwhelmingly in favor of extending a rail link that would connect the Washington D.C. region directly to Dulles International Airport, according to a recent survey.</p>
Nov 14, 2007   The Connection Newspapers
<p>A rash of building demolitions has erased more than 700 units of affordable housing in the Washington D.C. area, but replacement buildings have not been constructed.</p>
Nov 9, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>A plan by city officials to trade public land to a developer in exchange for a new firehouse and library is under fire from residents and activists who believe the deal shortchanges the city.</p>
Sep 17, 2007   By Christian Madera
<p>The Washington D.C. Council is expected to pass legislation that will require bicycle parking at apartment buildings.</p>
Sep 17, 2007   San Francisco Examiner
<p>Washington D.C.'s Cultural Development Corporation is pushing condo conversions to create affordable housing for low-income artists.</p>
Sep 17, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>Suburban Washington D.C. residents are upset over a rash of new buildings in their neighborhoods that they say don't fit in with the character of their communities. It's not just that the houses are too big, but that they are housing too many people.</p>
Sep 5, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>A proposed rail line connecting the Washington D.C. region to its international airport remains mired in delays. Many are blaming confusion and mixed coordination amongst the project's many stakeholders and backers.</p>
Aug 31, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>With more than $2 billion worth of redevelopment projects underway, Washington D.C.'s riverfront areas are in the midst of a waterfront renaissance.</p>
Aug 22, 2007   The Washington Post
<p>Two civic groups in Washington D.C.'s Chinatown are battling over a proposal to close an alleyway to allow the development of offices. Opponents argue the plan is short-sighted, while others say an economic boost will save the struggling district.</p>
Aug 15, 2007   The Washington Post