Protected bike lanes are not included in the California Highway Design Manual, notwithstanding the state's recent endorsement of the NACTO manual. All that's needed to change that is Gov. Jerry Brown's signature.
1 hour ago   LA Streetsblog
<p>Housing advocates in Sacramento are up in arms over proposed changes to the city's housing policy that would shift responsibility for building affordable units from the developer to the city -- changes they say will limit the policy's effectiveness.</p>
Aug 12, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>Joining the ranks of Sacramento, San Francisco, and San Diego, the city of Los Angeles has approved a ban on smoking in public parks.</p>
Aug 11, 2007   The Sacramento Bee
<p>New urbanist designs can be beautiful in the hands of experts, but the developer's version of idealistic plans may be something else altogether, says Morris Newman, who examines the design of a 500-acre project in Fresno.</p>
Aug 10, 2007   California Planning & Development Report
<p>The City of Berkeley, California, is considering changing is long-held policy against auto malls within city limits.</p>
Aug 9, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>In Los Angeles and much of Southern California, more multi-family homes are being planned and built than single-family residences.</p>
Aug 7, 2007   The Los Angeles Times
<p>Nestled in the world famous Napa Valley, the City of Napa, California, is undergoing a rapid transformation from an affordable industrial town into an increasingly upscale community.</p>
Aug 6, 2007   The New York Times
<p>Even when lower-income households are lucky enough to find an affordable home to purchase, high association fees can put a damper on their initial good fortune.</p>
Aug 6, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Voters in San Francisco will have to choose between two ballot measures -- one increasing parking in the city, the other funding more transit -- during this fall's election.</p>
Aug 6, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>While American drivers are burning record amounts of gas to feed their motoring habits, a weird thing is happening in the freeway state – Californians continue to consume less gasoline. Sustained high gas prices may play a role by changing behavior.</p>
Aug 4, 2007   The Oakland Tribune
<p>The collapsed Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis was deemed 'structurally deficient' as early as 1990, as are 77,000 other bridges in the U.S.</p>
Aug 4, 2007   The New York Times