Transportation decisions are best made locally, not by the state DOT, right? For those advocating for tolled, managed lanes over free, general purpose lanes, the 405 Freeway in Orange County may prove the exception.
2 hours ago   Los Angeles Times
<p>Amid revelations that San Francisco City government had been spending almost half a million dollars a year on bottled water, the mayor has instituted a ban that would require all government water use to come straight from the tap.</p>
Jun 25, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Now 50 years old, BART looks to the future with a 50-year plan for vast system improvements and expansions throughout the Bay Area including a new transbay tube between Oakland and San Francisco, and an East Bay station in downtown Martinez.</p>
Jun 23, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>Downtown Los Angeles has long stood in for other cities in Hollywood movies. But the area's new burgeoning residential population is clashing with movie makers over filming.</p>
Jun 23, 2007   Variety
<p>Many cities are following the lead of various municipalities up and down California that are using any and all possible powers to prevent Wal-Marts from moving in. But despite the growing opposition, business is booming.</p>
Jun 20, 2007   The Christian Science Monitor
While there's no doubt Los Angeles has a traffic problem, it would be a mistake to put congestion relief over neighborhood revitalization. Exclusive
Jun 18, 2007  By James Rojas
<p>From Thai Towns to Little Ethiopias, cultural and ethnically-themed neighborhoods are increasingly sought by cities to lure economic activity and residents.</p>
Jun 17, 2007   The Economist
<p>California Planning &amp; Development Report columnist Morris Newman doesn't think much of the Disney Company's attempts to prevent housing development in Anaheim's resort district.</p>
Jun 15, 2007   California Planning & Development Report
<p>Broad regulations have been approved in Berkeley, California, that would ban certain activities in public spaces, such as laying on the ground and urinating. This set of rules seeks to impose greater control over the city's homeless population.</p>
Jun 15, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle
<p>New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson promised to redirect funding from roads to mass transit if he's elected President.</p>
Jun 14, 2007   San Diego Union Tribune
<p>Not all buildings can be great, but good design shouldn't be an afterthought either, argues architecture critic John King.</p>
Jun 13, 2007   The San Francisco Chronicle