Urban planning is front in center in Nashville, with a general plan update underway and a mayoral election looming on August 6. One candidate took to the editorial pages of The Tennessean to lay out a housing and transit agenda.
6 hours ago   The Tennessean
Despite recent state actions to counter the federal government's efforts, President Barack Obama has called on the nation's governors to make infrastructure projects a priority.
Mar 3, 2011   Governing
In an attempt to lure more employees of high-tech companies to use public transit, the Santa Clara County Valley Transportation Authority has proposed buses with wi-fi, reclining seats, and even a concierge to coordinate dry-cleaning services.
Mar 2, 2011   GOOD Magazine
The city of New York has been trying to encourage an increase in bike lanes throughout the city. But the issue has become increasingly political, and progress has been slowed.
Mar 2, 2011   The Gotham Gazette
The city of Chicago is planning to build a network of 280 electric vehicle charging stations throughout the city by the end of the year.
Mar 2, 2011   Grist
A hub of information and communications technology known as Kista Science City in Stockholm, Sweden, has focused on intelligent transportation to fuel its success.
Mar 1, 2011   Next American City
Angie Schmitt explains why the debate over removing Washington DC's famous height regulations depends on the city's transportation plans.
Mar 1, 2011   Streets Blog Network
Jarrett Walker writes that he doesn't think there is an "experienced transit planning consultant on the planet" who hasn't been in a situation where backroom, off the record political decisions are made "at the expense of transit outcomes."
Feb 28, 2011   Human Transit
In preparation for the 2012 Olympics, the City of London has announced its plans to introduce a revolutionary ticketing system to allow easier access to its public transit network.
Feb 28, 2011   This Big City
Portland is known today as one of the nation's top bicycling cities, but it wasn't always thus. Mia Birk, the city's bicycle coordinator in the early 90s, explains how the city changed course to create an enviable bicycle infrastructure. Exclusive
Feb 28, 2011  By Mia Birk
In Seoul, Korea, buses are color coded to indicate which direction they're going, and how quickly. John Calimente says the system "goes a long way towards solving the bus legibility problem."
Feb 28, 2011   re:place Magazine