Painting the Streets Blue in Crested Butte, Colorado

This isn't some new take on the bright green of bike lanes all over the country—it's not even the same shade of blue worn by the Denver Broncos. It's Bud Light painting the mountain town's Elk Avenue blue for $500,000 for its #WhateverUSA promotion.
Larry Lamsa / Flickr

"The Crested Butte Town Council voted unanimously to approve a permit for Bud Light to fence off its main street, paint the town blue, and bring in more than 1,000 revelers for an event on Sept. 5-7," reports Russell Haythorn.

"The decision came after Bud Light doubled its offer to Crested Butte Thursday, offering to pay $500,000 for the permit." 

In an article leading up to the decision by the City Council, Nancy Lofholm explained the campaign and why it needs to co-opt the city's street for its ends: "Bud Light has been building up buzz about a fictional town called Whatever since the last Super Bowl. TV commercials and social media videos have teased about a mysterious town the company is creating and have urged Bud Light fans to apply on-line for a visit to Whatever."

Lofholm also details what the town of Crested Butte sold for that $500,000: "According to a more than 100-page operational plan for the event, Crested Butte's iconic Elk Avenue will be disguised with blue paint and light poles, Bud Light branded fencing and an archway and sign welcoming visitors to Whatever. Bands and buskers will perform on stages being built on the avenue and at the town's ice rink. Only Anheuser-Bush products will be displayed or available in the participating downtown bars."

And Lofholm has also been on the scene in Crested Butte as crews began their work.

Full Story: Crested Butte, Bud Light controversy builds as Whatever rollout starts


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