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DIY Bus Company Delivers Badly Needed Transit Service in Detroit

NationSwell tells the story of the Detroit Bus Company, which provides free transit services to neighborhoods in need around Detroit.

"I launched the Detroit Bus Company to work on transit gaps in the city of Detroit,” says Andy Didorosi, who parlayed a random purchase of a few buses into a partnership with the Skillman Foundation and a vital service for under-served neighborhoods in Detroit.

The Detroit Bus Company's main source of revenue comes from private tours, but funding from the Skillman Foundation goes toward the free rides in neighborhoods in need.

The following video gives a more complete picture of the benefit of the company. "It's like an insurmountable issue….The transit system here in Detroit just doesn't work," says Didorosi in the video.

Detroit resident Trisha Bell is quoted in the video saying: "There's a lot of cities in America that would benefit by something like this, because this is the community helping the community."

Full Story: When His City's Transit Service Stalled, One Man Built His Own Bus Company


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