The Streets Have Spoken: 2013 Streetsies Awarded

Streetsblog has announced the winners of its annual readers' poll on the year's best in sustainable transportation and livable communities.

In the first part of its 2013 Streetsie announcement, Tanya Snyder unveils Streetsblog's "annual awards for awesomeness", as voted by the readers of the livable streets news source.

Categories include:

  • The Clearest and Most Exciting Evidence That the Country Is Changing
  • Most Kick-Ass Grassroots Movement for Livable Streets
  • Our Favorite Underdog
  • Favorite Republican
  • We All Wish We Lived In…
  • Highway Most Ripe for a Teardown
  • U.S. DOT’s Greatest Hit

Look for the year's "rotten eggs" in part 2. 

Full Story: Streetsie Awards: The Best of 2013 (Part One)


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