City Cycling: Another Way Men and Women Differ

Researchers from City University in London have analyzed the ways men and women use the city's bike share scheme differently. Transport for London will use this information to plan better outreach.

"How do men and women use London's bike share scheme differently? This question is at the heart of a study by the School of Informatics at London's City University. A very oversimplified answer: Men for business, women for pleasure," writes Rich Heap.

After analyzing 10 million Boris Bike journeys over the course of a year, London's City University found that "men were more likely to use bike share for commuting, while women were more likely to use bike share for leisure journeys, particularly around London's parks. It also showed that, during nonleisure journeys, women were less likely than men to travel on busy roads."

According to Heap, this information is being used by Transport for London "so it can do more to increase [bike share's] appeal to groups and areas that are under-represented."

Full Story: City Cycling: Another Way Men and Women Differ


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