Mapping New York's Toxic Legacy

In bright blues, greens, and reds, an interactive map developed by property information website Property Shark documents New York City's cornucopia of polluted properties. Check the map to see if you might be living next door to a leaking oil tank.

"Take one look at this interactive map of New York City’s toxic sites, and the city appears to be one giant minefield loaded with brownfields, superfund sites, and gas tank leaks galore," writes Sydney Brownstone. "But the toxic spills littering the scene make up more than just a map: They tell a cautionary tale about the history of development in the city."

“It’s sort of daunting when you look at the map really zoomed out. You see all these colors and icons and you’re like, ‘Oh my god, do I really want to live in New York City?’” said Nancy Jorisch, a senior data analyst at Property Shark. “But of course you do. Because when you really, really zoom in, you realize that those icons tend to be clustered in certain areas. And where there’s the occasional icon, there’s a bunch of them that are coming from zoning changes, and the need to repurpose property in New York,” she added.

Full Story: New York City’s (Many) Toxic Sites, Mapped For Your Avoidance Convenience


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