Pro-Car Campaigns Target Copenhagen Election

Copenhagen's bike-friendly policies have become the envy of the world, but some of the city's residents are unhappy with anti-auto "discrimination". Opposition parties are hoping to ride that discontent to victory in next week's local elections.

"[W]hile bicycles have gained significant territory on cars since the first cycle paths were built in [Copenhagen in] the 1970s, not everyone thinks motorists are the enemy of a successful city. Ahead of the November 19 elections, the right-wing parties are rallying behind cars and against the city’s bicycle-friendly policies," reports Peter Stanners.

"Lars Berg Dueholm, the mayoral candidate for Liberal Alliance, argues that congestion is worse than it was 40 years ago, even though there are now fewer cars in the city centre. He blames the city’s infrastructure decisions such as widened cycle paths, priority bus lanes and poorly planned roadworks for making it more difficult for motorists to get about."

Candidates with the opposition Konservative and Venstre (V) parties echo Dueholm's pro-car message.  

“It’s unacceptable that Copenhagen’s drivers are being harassed,” V’s mayoral candidate, Pia Allerslev, wrote in a press release. “Many families with children need a car to make their lives fit together. And for many people with businesses, cars are a necessity. Copenhagen’s left-wing majority falsely think they can exclude cars from the city, but the unfortunate consequence is that they push families, businesses, and work places out of the city.”

Full Story: Cars battle bikes in local election showdown


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