Downtown L.A. Development: A Comprehensive Guide

From $100 million in upgrades to Dodger Stadium, to the decades-long effort to revitalize the Los Angeles River, to the construction of the tallest building west of the Mississippi, discover the status of 85 projects underway in downtown L.A.

As we've read recently, development in downtown L.A. is booming again after a short slowdown during the recession. While still below the levels of construction seen seven years ago during "the era of irrational exuberance," the area is humming again with activity and investment.

With so many projects in the works, who can keep track? Richard Guzmán, Jon Regardie and Ryan Vaillancourt is who. The three reporters with the Los Angeles Downtown News provide updates on 85 projects that are bringing thousands of construction jobs to downtown. 

Jobs aren't the only thing flowing into downtown. "There’s big money flowing here too," say the reporters. "The Wilshire Grand hotel replacement is a $1 billion project, and the Regional Connector runs nearly $1.4 billion. The replacement for the Sixth Street Viaduct will cost $400 million, and the new Federal Courthouse in the Civic Center is expected to have a similar price. Then there’s the big question mark of Farmers Field."

"The point is, the Downtown development scene in the first quarter of 2013 is extremely busy, and almost everywhere one looks, work is proceeding on housing, civic, cultural and other projects. The face of the community is still in the midst of a major change."

Full Story: The Development Scene: The Latest Info of 85 Downtown Projects


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