America's Most Beloved Public Market is About to Get Better

Pike Place Market, one of Seattle's most visited tourist sites, and one of the prime models for the rediscovered allure of America's public markets, is primed for a significant expansion thanks to a recently approved agreement.

With the Seattle City Council’s Central Waterfront Committee's approval of Council Bill 117699, an agreement to develop its last under-developed historic site (known as PC-1 North), Pike Place Market is poised for a new milestone, writes Seattle City Council member Jean Godden.

Architects Miller Hull have developed a design for the .75 acre site that "will provide additional market parking, added retail space and several stories of low-income and artist housing."

"The structure at PC1-North, designed to fit into its site with a low profile and preserve views toward the West, will create more room at the Market for booths and sellers, more room for the market’s fresh produce and organic specialties, all supplemented by increased parking and access," says Godden.

"But, more than that, the infill site will anchor a spectacular sloping walkway that will link the Market to the Waterfront, providing easy access for pedestrians between the two. The walkway will serve up matchless views of Elliott Bay all along the way.  There will be ample room on the promenade for public art and green outlooks."

"The change will present the Market with a fantastic opportunity," she adds. "But the opportunity is just as great or greater for Seattle’s emerging waterfront which will benefit from easy access to Seattle’s prime tourist attraction."

Full Story: Pike Place Market: Oh, what you are about to see


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