Train in Stockholm Adds Unwanted Last Stop

Earlier this week, a rail-company cleaning lady in Stockholm was able to take a commuter train on a late night joy ride through the city. The joy, however, ended when she crashed the train into a tony apartment building.

Sara Malm delivers the story, and stunning images, of the late night joy ride that ended in an exclusive suburb of the Swedish capital early Tuesday morning. 'It's like something out of a movie,' said police spokesman Robert Heurgren. 'We received notification of a missing train early on Tuesday morning and the next thing it is found smashed into a home.'

"The AP reports that a spokesman for the train company, Arriva, says 'it's unclear how she got the keys to the train, but added that driving it is not that complicated,'" writes Alexander Abad-Santos in The Atlantic Wire. "It's not? So anyone with the keys to a major commuter rail car can just take off with a train and slam it into someone's home? That's not exactly comforting to commuters in Sweden — or anywhere, really."

According to Malm, "a rail technician at the scene this morning told newspaper Expressen that one of his colleagues ‘lost the keys to this train, is in a bad state and is blaming himself’."

Full Story: Female cleaner steals train, derails it and crashes into an exclusive Swedish apartment block


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